Billionbears’ New Honey!






One shy BBW + Two determined billionaire bears + A whole lot of ex-boyfriend trouble = Scorching and sexy bear bride love!

Daniela Weaver has a past she’d rather forget and a future she isn’t so sure is going to go her way. When the curvy woman comes to Shifter Grove, everything’s about to change. And if Danni has a say in things, everything’s going to only get better!

Trouble is, it isn’t always her who gets to call the shots.

And speaking of trouble, it’s always better when it’s double!

Rhett and Rush Dean are billionaire werebears on their quest for love. Driven by a promise made to their father years ago, the billionbears know what they need to do… But finding a mate isn’t always so easy. Especially when they haven’t shared in years and they’re not even sure if they can keep the promise they made. Even if the right woman is standing in front of them, sharing might be harder than they think! But when danger comes knocking on their love’s door, they need to act fast! Will they complete their Alpha triad and win Danni’s heart or will fate have other things in store for them?


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