Gladiator Bear’s Battle


A bear warrior with a past + A maiden taken from riches to rags + The whole world against them = Passion, blood and fury all in one!

Kiya was once a princess of Egyptian royalty, but now she is no more than a slave girl in Rome. Working for a wealthy family, she can only expect a quiet life of servitude. But a wild heart is hard to force quietly into a cage. It only takes one bear of a man to remind her the spirit she has hidden away in her.

Erden is a warrior reduced to a life in the gladiator arenas. Fighting for his right to draw breath, the weathered werebear has long given up on a better future. But finding his fated mate in the very same villa where he serves shows him that his days of victory are not past him yet! Erden knows he must protect her from whatever fate has in store for her. Even if it means sacrificing everything.

When the gods seem to turn against Erden and Kiya, will these two forgotten souls perish or prosper? Find out in this thrilling paranormal werebear tale set in Ancient Rome!

This book has a HEA ending and is a standalone with no cliffhanger! Grab it now on AMAZON.

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