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So here I am, pondering my next projects, when I figured I should ask from the people who know best! I’ve been mulling around a thought for Shifter Grove – giving some of the villains in the previous novellas a chance at their happily ever after! What do you guys think?

I think we’ve had some pretty great bad guys who could use a little bit of redemption. Like Sear from the Firebear Brides series, or Achilles Longbrook from Waiting for Wolves. Or even Ash, Slate’s younger brother! I’ve always sort of liked the idea, sucker for anti-heroes as I am. What do you guys think, would something like that interest you?

I’m curious to hear what else would you guys like to see in the future, too! I promise that I have another Shifter Squad series ready to roll and some hitman/baby drama goodness with Rory coming up as well!

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  1. Michelle

    Hi Anya, new to the list but I loved when time stops, and just would love more dragons! Really liked your style of writing, the characters where really fleshed out and believable. Doing a review need to save it for when I write it. Thanks so much for a great entertaining read!!

  2. Lynn Vincent

    I loved When Time Stops and I could see a story about Flite being redeemed. Redemption is not written about to much so I say go for it.

  3. Lisa Cottrell

    I love your books and think it would be awesome if you wrote something a little different. Like shifters that can turn into more then one animal. Or maybe just some different animals other then bears, cats or wolves. Or even not animals maybe gargoyles.

  4. Krista singh

    I can’t wait to read what’s next. I think the bad guys need love to. I would love to read more shifter grove story’s. What is going on with the ones that have already mated. See how there story’s are going to the dragons in the mountains.

  5. Robin Smith

    Hi Anya

    I would love to see some rare cat shifters, unicorns, gryphos or phoenix shifters too. But I’ll love whatever you decide to write.

  6. Michelle

    I love all of your books I love your dragons and I would love if you could write about white tigers thanks you so much Michelle

  7. Sandy Davidson Scheer

    Love all books about Shifter Grove. Also love the new series about Dragons. Just love the way you write. A little tension, a little humor, some hot sex and a HEA. Couldn’t ask for anything else.

  8. Sue Pippins

    Looking forward to the stories of the other Time Dragon brothers! Loved the idea…and the interactions of the brothers.

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