Light His Fire is now live!


One snarky diva + One cocky dragon + Two egos that just won’t mesh = A blazing fire that just can’t be contained!

Pearl Mae Landon’s been on the search for her place in life. Now, she thinks she’s finally found it. The curvy waitress-turned-entrepreneur is determined to make a future for herself that doesn’t include scrubbing someone else’s tables. She won’t let anything block her path. Unless it’s a scorching-hot dragon who refuses to budge.

Ares Goldplains has lived his days in the shadows of his older brothers. Now, it’s time to come out into the light. First step? Snag that sexy woman with the burning attitude and mouthwatering body! But Ares wasn’t prepared to fall head-first in love. When he isn’t the only one doing the falling, he needs to make some fast choices. Keep up the trailblazing act or let his true colors shine?

Maybe burning the bridges is just the thing they need to do to make a new start…


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