Make Him Purr

Make Him Purr

Sonya Blackpaw is in a lot of trouble. Not only does she have her dangerous and uncontrollable weretiger ex hot on her tail, but she might be falling in love… And that totally won’t do! She thought she’d just hide out in Shifter Grove for a few days, but the cute soldier who lured her there is becoming more than just a bit of eyecandy. What’s a catburglar to do when she suddenly can’t think of anything better than curling up and staying happily with this impossibly hot werepanther? Even worse, what if he can’t take a hint!?

Diesel Wake’s whole life was the Navy, until it wasn’t anymore. Now, he needs a place to rest his weary mind and his battered soul and taking the job of sheriff of Shifter Grove seemed like the smartest thing to do. But this Navy SEAL didn’t expect to be so thoroughly taken by a devilish, curvy little minx who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Even if his panther knows it’s time to settle down, the soldier in him can’t help but balk at the idea – what if he doesn’t deserve… Well. Her?

Faced with a bloodthirsty villain and a woman who can’t keep her mouth shut for five minutes to avoid getting chopped up, Diesel has to figure out real fast how this is going to go down. Happily ever after, or anything but?


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