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I’ve gotten several questions about the reading order for my books. So here is a complete list, as of November 15th, for you to follow!

1. Montana Wild Bears

Find Her Bear
Wanting Her Bear
Saving Her Bear
Needing Her Bear

2.Sassy Shifter Brides

Hearts Laid Bear
No More Lion
Bear the Cold
Roar for Her
The Wolves’ Bride

3. Treasure Lane Dragons

Billionaire Dragon’s Bride
Billionaire Dragon’s Mate
Billionaire Dragons’ Fated
When Time Stops

4. Shifter Grove Brides

Make Him Purr
Billionbears’ New Honey
Light His Fire
Bear My Love
Waiting for Wolves
One Last Prowl
Stripe for Love
The Darkest Dragon

5. Firebear Brides

Bear the Burn
Bear the Flame
Bear the Blaze
Bear the Fire

6. Frost Brothers’ Brides

Buck Me… For Christmas
Buck Me… For New Year’s
Buck Me… For Valentine’s
Buck Me… For St Paddy’s
Buck Me… For 4th of July
Buck Me… For Halloween

7. Shifter Squad Six

Bear My Baby
Twin Wolf Trouble
Big Cat Blues
Cats Got Your Tongue

8. Chicago Catastrophe

The Great Disapurrance
Lessons in Purrsuasion
Meow or Never
Purrks of the Job

9. Puck Bear Brides

A Bear Victory
Bear No Loss
A Bear Goal
Bear No Defeat

10. Sweetwater Brides

Big Bear Problems
Big Bear Trouble
Big Bear Blunder
Big Bad Wolf

11. Sweetwater Father Bears

Big Bear Daddy
Big Bear Father
Big Bear Papa
Big Bear Dad


Smutty Shifter Shorts
Mates of the Walkers
Gladiator Bear’s Battle
Viking Bear’s War

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  1. Angie

    OK okay just read Shifter Squad 9. Loved it! Awesome series. So what happens now? What’s with Spade and all the secrecy? Hummmm!? Will there be more ? If so fantastic. Can’t wait for more. Soooo…..I guess I’ll catch up on more Shifter Grove
    I’m already on your newsletter love the new books coming out too.
    Thanks you

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