Roar for Her is now live!

Roar for Her, Sassy Shifter Brides Book 4, is now live on Amazon! Only $0.99, or FREE with Kindle Unlimited. 🙂


Roar for Her

RoarForHer-v06Teresa Lopez has wanted to make a change in the world for as long as she can remember. Being a curvy woman of color from Mississippi doesn’t make that as easy as she would like, though. A kindergarten teacher by trade and a photographer by hobby, Teresa waits patiently for her chance to do something that could leave the world a better place. When an intriguing ad comes up on SassyDate, offering adventure and a chance to help map uncharted peaks in the Idaho mountain ranges in the company of a scorching hot man, Teresa can’t help but feel that maybe this is the chance she has been waiting for. But if she can volunteer her time, can she keep from volunteering her heart as well?

Slate Morenkov has come a long way from his weretiger clan’s convoluted traditions and expectations. A self-made man, he runs the only airline between Shifter Grove and the rest of civilization and for the longest time, he thought that work would be enough to keep him happy. Only now that his Bonding, the time where he must find a mate or risk being without love forever, is close at hand does the tiger Alpha wonder if he isn’t missing something more in life. And what if who he is missing is a sweet, sassy woman with curves that would turn any shifter wild? Unfortunately, his clan hasn’t given up hope on returning him to the old ways and if Slate wants to have a say in his future, he’s going to have to fight fang and claw for his right to love.

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