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Shifter Squad Books:

Shifter Squad Six

BearMyBaby-v01 51paBm5+ClL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_ 61Ub1X5tWDL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_ CatsGotYourTongue-SSS-v05 sssbundle-4books-v03

Shifter Squad Nine







Chicago Catastrophe

Note: the books in the Chicago Catastrophe series are not strictly books featuring The Firm and Shifter Squads, however some heroes are The Firm agents and The Firm makes occasional appearances.

thegreatdisapurrance-v04 chicago

Dragon novels:


Treasure Lane Dragons

Billionaire Dragon's Bride BillionaireDragonsMate-v01 - small BillionaireDragonsFated-v02Treasure Lane Dragons

Shifter Grove Books: Read more on its dedicated page!

Sassy Shifter Brides

HeartLaidBear-Smaller NoMoreLion-BookOne - compressed BearTheCold-v12 RoarForHer-v06 TheWolvesBride-v05 sassyshifterbundle

Shifter Grove Brides

Make Him Purr BillionbearsNewHoney-v06 DragonsReluctantBride-v04 BearMyLove-v04 WaitingForWolves-v06  StripeForLove-v01thedarkestdragon-v07bearschristmasbride-v02Shifter Groves Brides

Firebear Brides

BearTheBurn-v03 BearTheFlame-v04 51b6M+cA+BL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_ 51f3RLFD+rL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_ Firebearbrides

Frost Brothers’ Brides

Buck Me BuckMe-ForNewYears-v04 Buck-Me---For-Valentines-v08 BuckMe-ForStPaddys-v02 BuckMe-For4thJuly-v04 buckme-forhalloween-v03-whiteshirtbluesky BuckMEBundle

 Puck Bear Brides

ABearVictory-v11 BearNoLoss-v08 ABearGoal-v06 BearNoDefeat-v04 BoxSet

Hockey Bear Season

Double-Bear-Trouble-v04 Double-Bear-Secret-v02

Sweetwater Books:

Sweetwater Brides

BigBearProblems-v09-contrast BigBearTroubles-v05BigBearBlunder-v03 BigBearWolf-v03 sweetwaterbrides-v02

Sweetwater Father Bears

bigbeardaddy-var02-v10 bigbearfather-v01 bigbearpapa-v03 bigbeardad-v02

Other Books/Series:

Smutty Shifter Shorts

TheMate-ChosenByTheAlpha-v01 Smutty Shifter Shorts

Mates of the Walkers


Montana Wild Bears

FindingHerBear-v02 wantingherbear savingherbear  needingherbear montanaboxset

Shift in Time

GladiatorBearsBattle-v07 BearCover

Last Chance Mate


Black Oak Bears


Howls Romance


Shifters in the Spring

Sixteen new paranormal romances of secret babies, firsky shifters, and fertile surprises


Shifters in the Shadows

Seventeen paranormal romances of sexy shifters, dangerous vamps, & things that go bump in the night


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