Shifter Grove Books

Shifter Grove Books:

Shifter Grove is a little town in Idaho, nestled among picturesque mountains and tucked away where no one can stumble upon it. It is a place for shifters and humans alike, many of whom are looking for a new start. Shifter Grove books are all novellas and they can be read out of order. The first series in Shifter Grove was Sassy Shifter Brides, in which you can meet all the founders of the modern version of Shifter Grove. However, others have been there before them… families like the Frosts and the Silvertips, who later appear in Shifter Grove Brides.Grab any one of these books for a lighthearted, sultry, hot read that’s sure to leave you reaching for the next one!

Sassy Shifter Brides

HeartLaidBear-Smaller NoMoreLion-BookOne - compressed BearTheCold-v12 RoarForHer-v06 TheWolvesBride-v05 sassyshifterbundle

Shifter Grove Brides

Make Him Purr BillionbearsNewHoney-v06 DragonsReluctantBride-v04 BearMyLove-v04 WaitingForWolves-v06 ONe last prowl StripeForLove-v01thedarkestdragon-v07bearschristmasbride-v02

 Shifter Groves Brides


Firebear Brides

BearTheBurn-v03 BearTheFlame-v04 51b6M+cA+BL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_ 51f3RLFD+rL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_ Firebearbrides
















Frost Brothers’ Brides

Buck Me BuckMe-ForNewYears-v04 Buck-Me---For-Valentines-v08 BuckMe-ForStPaddys-v02 BuckMe-For4thJuly-v04 buckme-forhalloween-v03-whiteshirtbluesky BuckMEBundle

 Puck Bear Brides

ABearVictory-v11 BearNoLoss-v08 ABearGoal-v06 BearNoDefeat-v04 BoxSet

Hockey Bear Season


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