Books with Rory Dale

Chicago Catastrophe:

Chicago Catastrophe is a series of novels following a crime syndicate in Chicago, led by the mysterious shifter River. These books follow a surprise baby/pregnancy theme, have brave, strong heroines, and a guaranteed HEA. Some of these books have connections to the Shifter Squad series, so if you’re a fan of The Firm and all the drama that comes with it, don’t miss this series!

thegreatdisapurrance-v04 lessonsinpurrsuasion-v06 meowornever-v03 purrksofthejob-v04

Sweetwater Brides:

Sweetwater Brides is a series of novellas set in Sweetwater, Wyoming. They focus on a sleepy little town where a seemingly ancient conflict keeps brewing – bears or wolves, who’s going to come out on top?

If you like the little town of Sweetwater then you’re in luck! Another series, titles Sweetwater Father Bears, continues on where Sweetwater Brides left off!

BigBearProblems-v09-contrast BigBearTroubles-v05 BigBearBlunder-v03  BigBearWolf-v03 sweetwaterbrides-v02

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