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Losing is the furthest thing from this puck bear’s mind, but for the right woman, even taking a dive seems like a possibility…

Jax Darmuth is everything his father didn’t want him to be. The son of a billionaire, he chose a life of hockey and never looked back, but when his father becomes gravely ill, the polar bear shifter agrees to give his father one last thing. Marriage to the woman of his father’s choosing. With an arranged marriage looming in the horizon, Jax is ill-prepared to actually find himself falling for the woman chosen for him. And when she makes a run for it, he will stop at nothing to get her back…

Alice Wilcox has been paying for her family’s bad choices all her life. With her mother gone and her father a gambler and an alcoholic, it’s up to her to pay his debts, and the price is her future. Arranged to marry one of the biggest hockey stars in the country doesn’t seem like the worst deal, but when loan sharks find her and try to wring her for her soon to be husband’s money, Alice has a difficult choice to make. Stay loyal to her father, or the man she’s beginning to fall for?

Nothing can ever be easy when two hearts are at stake. Can Jax turn this loss into a win or are some opponents too tough to crack?

Each book in the Puck Bear Brides series can be read as a standalone. No cheating, a guaranteed happy ending and plenty of steamy Alpha bad boy loving await you in this novella!

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