Big Bear Dad

bigbeardad-v02A bear’s always there when you need him.

Alistair Jameson is a simple bear with simple desires. Mostly to be left alone. So when he ends up as the unlikely father of a baby boy whose dad died in a fire that Alistair can’t buy as accidental, he is well and truly out of his depth. And with a woman on the horizon who refuses to take any crap from anyone, and who just so happens to be the most tantalizing little thing he’s ever met, the big werebear has plenty on his plate.

Good thing that he might just be the right bear for the job.

Leaving everything behind and hitting the road in a mad search for her best friend’s murderer seemed like the only thing Remy Marshall could do. With curves to kill and sass to slay, she’s ready for anything… or so she thought. She definitely wasn’t expecting the lumberjack, who may or may not be a killer, to sweep her off her feet.

Or all the trouble that came with him.

But what’s a woman to do when justice needs to be served, even though her heart seems to disagree with every action she makes? Come find out.

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