Mates of the Walkers Box Set!



The Bond
Werebears mate for life. But a mate is hard to find… Will the brave woman find her bear and will the eldest Walker brother be blessed with a sexy mate?

Find Him
How hard can it be to find a curvy, sassy mate, right? Well, sometimes it seems damn near impossible when you’re a werebear… Will the determined woman find her bear and will the youngest Walker brother be blessed with a sexy mate?

The Wait
A werebear’s mate could have been hiding right in front of him all along… Will the determined young woman capture her bear and will the last Walker brother finally find his fated mate?

Werebear for Valentine’s
Only a hot, growly werebear can make a foiled Valentine’s Day sweeter and saucier than ever. The werebear has found his mate suddenly and unexpectedly, but maybe that’s just how Valentine’s Day works – a bit of magic is sometimes needed to bring fated hearts together.

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