Purrks of the Job



One tiger villain + one curvy assassin + a baby no one could expect = Mafia shifter love story that’s too hot to handle!

River Royce is a weretiger feared by all of Chicago. As the head of the most powerful criminal organization in the city, everyone walks a tight line around him. But things just don’t feel… right to River. Struggling to get out of the shadow of his father, he’d never thought he’d end up right in his shoes. And when he decides to finish a loose end left by one of his lieutenants, he could have never expected that he might find the solution to all his problems. One little issue though? Said solution is in the form of a beautiful, dangerous woman… who wants him dead.

Kate Walker is a woman on the run from her past. With heartbreak behind her, as well as plenty of enemies, she’s decided to start a new life far from Chicago. But old habits die hard and when the most irritating, self-absorbed and incredibly hot shifter kidnaps her mid-job, she’s just about ready to lose her icy cool. If he only weren’t so impossibly… impossible, he’d be a lot easier to hate! One stolen moment is all they needed and after that, their fates are bound together by an unborn child.

River won’t bring a new soul into a life of crime, and with his father insisting on an arranged marriage, and his brother trying to sic his organization on him, River has more battles to fight than he could have ever imagined. Good thing he has one of the most capable women in the world by his side…

Now if he could only convince her that he isn’t out to kill her, maybe all of this could actually work out? Or maybe not…

Purrks of the Job is a full novel with a guaranteed HEA, no cheating and plenty of steam. If you like your shifters Alpha as hell and your women willing to fight for what’s right, and sometimes even for what’s wrong, this is just the book for you. It can and should be read as a standalone.

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